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Around the Bend

What if cocaine became legal in Oregon?

"Our story speculates, “What if cocaine became legal in Oregon?” April, our protagonist, is thrust into the center of a cutthroat game, where the cultivation and sale of cocaine are her only avenues to success. AROUND THE BEND weaves the intricate tale of a matriarchal lineage, chronicling the lives of three women: April, teetering on the brink of menopause and battling the ghosts of her rougher days; Jade, her seventeen-year-old daughter, a fiery and precocious spirit grappling with the throes of youth; and Eva, the octogenarian convict whose life of crime belies a rejection of conventional morality. This saga's heart is April, embodying the struggle between a checkered past and the yearning for normalcy. 


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The Clinic

Are people with addiction worth saving?

The Clinic is a character-driven film that explores the struggles of Natalie, a young woman hired as a clinician at a local methadone clinic. These are her first 30 days. Natalie contends with having come from a broken family as she starts her job at the Clinic. There, she encounters addiction and its ravaging effects, facing patient after patient who are seeking help. Her altruistic motivations evaporate in a pool of vomit and blood that is the reality of every day at the Clinic. She resolves to finish 30 days and face a crucible: can she save one person?


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