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Prestige Prose
College Essay Counseling

Prestige Prose offers specialized college essay counseling services, focusing on facilitating admissions to prestigious Ivy League institutions, both public and private, as well as renowned four-year colleges and liberal arts universities. We bring a wealth of experience and detailed knowledge to support applicants, with a particular emphasis on those pursuing degrees in pre-medical fields and biology majors.


By choosing Prestige Prose, students gain a partner committed to illuminating their academic ambitions and individual stories through essays that engage and inspire the admissions committees of the world's leading colleges and universities.


Our expertise is tailored to understand top-tier academic institution nuances and rigorous expectations. We are adept at assisting students in crafting essays that meet the high standards of these esteemed colleges and resonate with the specific demands and ethos of specialized programs, such as pre-medical tracks.


The service is dedicated to assisting individuals in creating compelling college essays, particularly personal statements. 

A personal statement is not just an essay; it is a story that connects an individual's educational goals, exceptional personality traits, unique experiences, and reasons for standing out as a worthy candidate for admission.


I aim to empower individuals to present themselves authentically and persuasively in college applications. A well-crafted personal statement can significantly increase their chances of admission by vividly showing who they are and what they hope to achieve.


At our core, I empower aspiring college students to clearly define and express their academic goals and personal journeys through tailored college essays.


Goal Definition: Initiate our process by engaging with each client to help them identify and articulate their educational aspirations. A collaborative approach ensures their essays resonate with their academic and life goals.


Personalization Hallmark: every student's story is unique. My personalized service is designed to bring this to the forefront. We (the student and I) craft essays that reflect their authentic selves by delving into the nuances of personality, experiences, and achievements. From extracurricular pursuits to life's pivotal moments, I highlight the experiences that have molded their character, setting them apart as candidates.


Championing Distinctiveness and Merit: My expertise extends to drawing out the distinctive qualities that make each client an exceptional candidate. We guide students in constructing compelling narratives that recount their successes and showcase their potential to make meaningful contributions to the college community. 


My commitment is to accentuate the unique merits of each client, advocating for their place in their chosen academic institutions.

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